Wearing the Miami Dolphins Jerseys

Wearing the Miami Dolphins Jerseys

Miami is located in the state of Florida and has produced one of the greatest football teams in the United States. They are well known for their Super Bowl VII and VIII wins. In 1972, to the delight of their fans, they had the NFL’s first and only perfect season. People who live in the Miami area are proud to be known as their fans and wear Miami Dolphins jerseys.

The team’s jersey colors have not changed very much since they were first formed. The colors are aqua and orange with a navy trim, which was added in the 1997s. At the present time there are several different combinations. Home uniform is aqua jersey with white pants. The numbers are in white with orange trim. An aqua, white and orange strip is trims the pant’s sides. There is a dolphin trim on the jersey’s sleeve.

Wearing the Miami Dolphins Jerseys

The road uniform is white jerseys and pants. The tops are trimmed in aqua and the strip on the pants is predominately orange with white and aqua in the stripe. The team member’s number is in aqua. Their alternate uniforms are white jerseys, aqua pants; aqua jerseys and aqua pants and orange jersey, white pants. All tops have dolphin emblems on the sleeves.

It is said that the team wears white outfits for daytime home games, forcing their opponents to wear colored ones that draw the heat day’s heat, causing them to perspire. It is felt this gives them an advantage because of the area’s humid weather. The dolphin emblem has been changed from time to time to make it stand out better.

Copies of jerseys worn by the team are very popular with their fans. The younger crowd likes to wear them to school to show their support. Older fans are also enthusiastic to wear these jerseys and have found them comfortable while being able to express their preference for, they feel, the best football team throughout the nation.

Any collector is very enthusiastic when a well-known dolphin player’s jersey is put up for sale, especially if they are autographed. A recent jersey worn and autographed by Ricky Williams, a famous dolphin player, was on the Internet and sold for over $100. Two more, worn and signed by the players, sold for over $600. These jerseys increase in value as the years go by with the older ones becoming very rare.

In addition to wearing copies of the team’s jerseys to the game and in their everyday life, the fans join with the team and the cheerleaders to have things such as tailgate parties where they go to every game and collect items for different causes such as canned goods and toys for a shelter. They can easily be spotted in their colorful jerseys as they are parked around the arena.

One of the most popular Christmas gifts among teenagers in the Miami area are Miami Dolphin jerseys. The day after Christmas one can see these teens proudly wearing them about. Throughout the town, one can see pride in the team displayed in bars and other locations with banners, jerseys, and other paraphernalia that displays their insignia.