Wear the NFL Jerseys and Support Your Favorite Football Team

Wear the NFL Jerseys and Support Your Favorite Football Team

There are a few sports which are very popular in USA and are followed very closely. They are baseball, basketball and American football. The Super Bowl is the football tournament that is played over a period of seventeen weeks competed by sixteen strong teams. The tournaments are competed by sixteen football teams from across all the states of USA and are segregated as four teams per four zones – north, east, west and south. If you follow football, based on your likes and nativity, you would be supporting at least one team each season. You can learn the facts of the teams and wear the jersey of the team and your favorite players and show them their support.

The NFL consists of thirty two clubs, of which sixteen are part of American Football Conference and the other sixteen teams combine to form National Football Conference.

Wear the NFL Jerseys and Support Your Favorite Football Team

The games are kick started on the full week of September after the Thanksgiving Thursday and goes on till the month of January. There is one bye week where all the teams get to rest.

Every team can have up to fifty-three players and that means that you have lots of choices in choosing the right jersey.

There are different positions in the field to be taken by the players such as quarterbacks, placekickers and punters; wide receivers; Running backs and defensive backs; offensive linemen, linebackers; defensive linemen and tight ends.

The players are assigned numbers based on their position in the field. So, based on the field position in which you play the game or your most-liked position, you can choose the number to appear on your jersey.

You can buy the team jerseys online at economical and affordable prices and get the feel of what it would be like to be the part of the real team.