The Latest Indianapolis Colts Jerseys

The Latest Indianapolis Colts Jerseys

The Indianapolis Colts play in the South Division of the AFC. Originally the team was based out of Baltimore and won a number of NFL Championships, including the fifth Super bowl. It was in 1984 that the complete club and team shifted to Indianapolis. If you are a devoted follower then you will want to be sure that you wear the latest Indianapolis Colts jerseys on match days.

The history of the club since the move to Indianapolis has been chequered. Their finest hour was definitely the victory in the Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears in 2006. This is a game that is still talked about excitedly by the club’s die hard fans. Between 1984 and 1997 the Indianapolis colts won ninety out of two hundred and twenty eight games, five of which were playoffs. The Colts have recorded a few of the NFLs firsts, for example they were the first ever team to win at least twelve games in six consecutive seasons.

The Latest Indianapolis Colts Jerseys

Another interesting fact is that the Colts hold the claim to fame for being the first team to defeat all the other NFL teams. Also they were the first club to feature cheerleaders as well as a marching band! The events off the pitch have also had a dramatic impact on the clubs standing. Over the decades there have been seasons of terrible results, for example in 1991; and sadly even the murder of a player Shane Curry in 1992. The disputes over location and ownership have also had a massive bearing on the club’s performances and status.

Unusually, the Indianapolis colt’s logo and colors have not changed since the team’s inception back in 1953. Their white and blue colors have stayed consistent. The latest kit incorporates a blue jersey with white stripes on the shoulders or the alternative uniform of a white jersey with blue stripes. The pants have changed in design over the decades, today they are white with blue stripes down the side though previously they wore grey pants.

In 1995 the team wore blue pants for a few games but then this was not so popular with the fans so the switch was made back to the blue color. The main difference that has been made to the jerseys over the years is slight modifications to the stripes and accents.

When choosing an Indianapolis Colts jersey you should think about which players name you want to have splashed across the back. A popular choice is Peytin Manning who successfully broke the club’s long standing record for touchdown passes.

To be successful in the NFL today takes more than just good players. It is no surprise to discover that it is the most supported clubs that have reached the greatest number of super bowl finals.

With the team having been strengthened over the last twelve months with a selection of talented young players maybe this is the time when the Colts can once again lift the Super Bowl. If they do then their jerseys will become a more common sight around the country.