The Happy Woman’s Guide to Dressing For Football Season – Why What You Wear Matters

The Happy Woman's Guide to Dressing For Football Season - Why What You Wear Matters

Love it or hate it, football season is coming. And if you hate it, nevertheless the one you’re keen on loves it . . . well, some compromises might be to be able if you would like your relationship to outlive that long, hard football road through the NFL pre-season launch in August from the February Super Bowl.

Of course, you can run out to the mall, spend time with the girls, have a few spa treatments, read the right books. But, hey: it’s home, too. And your TV. And a heck of a long football season. So you could stalk over on the TV in the center of the following football game and switch the signal from a motion picture or House or whatever.

If you’re bold, you could even grab the clicker. But there is your relationship to take into account. And you do love the guy. Right? Well, maybe not during football season. But most of the time.  What to do? Well, you could invariably interact with the fun!

No. We’re not being sarcastic. You know darn well that present glumly glaring on the TV screen will not generate romantic feelings. In either individual.

The idea is really for you to enjoy watching the action. Unthinkable, we all know. Football is not everything challenging to understand. It’s just one lot of guys trying to stampede over another lot of guys to get on the opposite end with the football field.

Each bunch wears different color outfits, so it is an easy task to determine who’s who. Still, you know that the one you love – and his buddies, if they’ve been invited to watch the overall game – truly realize that they know a heck of the lot more than you know. So you’re there. Sort of. But not entirely. Not a part in the football – uh – festivities. But if you’re to slip into an NFL jersey . . .

As along with your school uniform – or your workout leotard – suddenly, you might be a member of the group. And if there’s division space – say there is a Patriots vs. Giants game about the TV (a truth it is possible to plan just by looking with your newspaper’s TV guide) – as well as the assembled group, have different loyalties, you’ll be able to use that information to your great advantage.

Let’s say your beloved is a Patriots fan. If you’re wearing a Patriots jersey, we bet the one you love provides you with another hug. Just that fast, you’ve moved beyond mere group members to Fellow Fan. This works especially well if some of his buddies are Giants fans. A variation about the theme could be so that you can saunter into the room wearing a Giants jersey. Oh, you vixen, you!

And should you go out in front of the TV while using true football fans, you’ll start to get somewhat occasionally. Maybe, after a few years, you’ll find out you will enjoy the overall game. Or not.

In either case, the NFL jersey ploy making you appear to be a real good sport, you’re beloved may be motivated to reward you on your efforts. After the sport.