Ideas For Using Crates In Your Home

Ideas For Using Crates In Your Home

If you’re trying to save money while decorating your home at the same time, consider using crates of all sizes. You can paint them, nail them together to make them taller or wider, or add personal touches to customize the crates. Here are a few ideas to consider for all rooms in your home using simple wooden boxes.

Ideas For Using Crates In Your Home

Organizing in your home is perhaps the most beneficial way to use any Women Crates. You can place a plain crate beside the doorway of your home to collect shoes that are taken off or a small crate on a table to hold the mail. Paint the crates to match other details in the room for organizing everything from pictures to essentials that tend to get lost in drawers and cabinets.

Stack a few crates together before painting them to make a bookcase. You can line the bookcase with wallpaper or cloth so that the books have something to sit on instead of the wood. When stacking the crates, keep in mind who will be using them. Don’t make a tall bookcase for a child because it can be difficult to reach the top shelf. Toys, puzzles, and other items can be kept on the bookcase as well.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture for your home, then consider making items from crates. Cover a small crate with fabric to make an ottoman for propping your feet while sitting in a chair. You can get tall crates that can be decorated as side tables that are placed beside chairs or the couch in your living room. They can also be used as nightstands in your bedroom.

Create a spacious area for laundry supplies near your washing machine and dryer with crates that are attached to the wall. One crate can hold detergent and items for washing clothes while the other can be used to hold dryer sheets and lint brushes. Another option would be to make extra storage in your bathroom for towels, washcloths, and toiletries. Have fun with the crates by making them look like storage lockers, personalizing each one for each child in your home.

Nail a large number of crates together that you can position on a wall for displaying knick-knacks, picture frames, and other items that you want others to see or that you enjoy looking at in your home. Crates can be decorated for each child so that they can keep schoolwork or school supplies in them. They can also be placed in a closet to sort clothes to wear during the week.

Attach a few wheels to the bottom of a crate with one stacked on top to make a rolling cart. This could be used in the kitchen to make it easier to get ingredients to counters or as a microwave stand that’s used in the kitchen. You could also keep a printer on the stand along with other office supplies that can be rolled to where they are needed