Finding New York Jets Jerseys

Finding New York Jets Jerseys

The current New York Jets which were originally named the New York Titans began in 1960 and played their games in New York. There were several changes in ownership and, at the present time they are owned by Robert Wood Johnson IV. They are members of the AFC in the NFC and their regular training facility is located in New Jersey. Their fans, both in both areas enjoy wearing New York Jets jerseys.

From 1960 to 1962 their uniforms were black and gold. In 1963 the colors were changed to silver and black. They have retained these basic colors ever since. Their uniform has silver pants and either black or white jerseys. These jerseys are especially enjoyed by their fans as they are easily adapted to any outfit they want to wear.

Finding New York Jets Jerseys

In games against opposing teams they wear the black jerseys at home. However, in 2008 they wore the white ones when they played against the San Diego Chargers because they expected the day to be very hot. It turned out to be a very cool day.

They are well known for being the first AFL team to win over an NFL club in a World Championship Game. As the team’s reputation has grown their fan base has also grown. As a result, it is not unusual to see their popular jersey being worn by a number of people one passes on the street or sees on other occasions. Since it is available in a number of different fabrics it can be worn in any kind of weather.

Raider’s games are broadcast by radio, through stations throughout the nation, as well as being shown on television during the football season. These games are very popular with the fans as they are broadcast both in English and Spanish which allows all to follow the game play by play. A former Raider coach and quarterback give the play by play happenings.

The fans of this very popular team have formed clubs called the ‘Raider Nation’ and are found all over the world. The fans who are able, arrive early at the stadium proudly wearing copies of the team’s jerseys. They also wear other apparel that reflects the team colors, and often celebrate by tailgating in the parking area. They even have a song named after them called the ‘Raider Nation’.

The team’s fans are so devoted that they have a special place at the stadium known as the ‘black hole’. The fans who occupy this section are known for their wild enthusiasm and devotion. They can be viewed as a solid color of black and silver, all proudly wearing their team’s jerseys.

Throughout New York and New Jersey one can find posters and banners advertising this team. Fans often gather in bars to watch the games and have friendly bets regarding certain plays. The majority of these fans are proudly wearing the New York jets jerseys to show their one hundred per cent loyalty to the team. Their enthusiasm is clearly heard throughout the stadium whenever a goal is scored.