Where to Find Cheap NFL Jerseys

Every football fan loves to have their hands on some cheap NFL jerseys. Unfortunately not every football fan can afford to buy an authentic jersey as it is really expensive. These real jerseys are usually made of high quality fabric. Also there are many changes in the graphics and designs so as to attract numerous sports lovers to buy it. But for those average fans, it is really difficult to considering these great, real but pricy jerseys. Then where to find cheap jerseys?

Your first stop is sure to be the internet. Indeed, the online world is among your best friends when it comes to looking for cheap jerseys. With home comfort, you can choose your jerseys from the huge selection of jerseys online at anytime and save a lot. Just with some clicks of mouse, you can get all things done.

However, there are some tips and tricks when purchasing the jerseys without sacrifice of quality. First of all, select those reputable and established stores to deal with. Also you should be clear the return and shipping policies in case such situation arises. Before you order, find more details of the jerseys that you want to buy as possible as you can. If there are reviews, feedbacks and the like, check them out. It is always a good idea to do some research online in advance.

Actually, one of the best websites perhaps when buying cheap NFL jerseys is eBay. Out there people sell second hand materials for lesser cost, if you do not mind getting pre-owned products and then you will find eBay a haven. And you will also probably find some best deals or good bargains on some auctions. If you are lucky, you can really find some great authentic jerseys that even cheaper than the replica NFL jerseys in local stores.… READ MORE ...

Choose Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys to Show Your Support

The Cincinnati Bengals belong to the AFC north division of the NFL. They were originally members of the American football league and became part of the national football league in 1970 when the merger between the AFL and NFL occurred. If you are after the latest Cincinnati Bengals jerseys then you have come to the right place. This article has been put together to give you a greater knowledge on the history of their kit.

In the Bengals first season the uniform worn was very similar in design to that used by the players of the Cleveland Browns. The team’s colors were white, orange, and black, with a helmet that had no stripe but did have the teams name emblazoned across both sides. The Cincinnati Bengals played without numbers on their jersey sleeves up until the beginning of the eighties.

Choose Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys to Show Your Support

It was only in the 1981 season that a new kit was introduced. This featured black or white jerseys, trimmed with black and orange tiger stripes. There were also a new design of helmet brought out which was orange with black animal stripes. This uniform was used for sixteen years up until 1997.

It was in 1997 that a new logo incorporating a tiger leaping was introduced and added to the sleeves of their jerseys. In the year 2000 the striped tiger pattern was updated and more accents were added to the design. The black jersey now featured orange sleeves, while the white jerseys had black sleeves and orange shoulders. The leaping tiger logo was replaced at this time with a bold orange “B”. Around the same period they also introduced an orange jersey and black pants in to some of their games.

As Cincinnati is not known as being a hot city, the home games usually feature the black jerseys whereas away games use the white design. The only slight difference is the early pre-season home games during which the summer heat has not fully died down; at this time the white jerseys may also be worn.

Cincinnati Bengals are well known for being one of the few teams in the NFL that do not use a general manager. The current high standard of play and teamwork has helped the present team to increase their fan base massively. It does not matter how long you have been a supporter for, choosing the latest Bengals jerseys is a prerequisite for … READ MORE ...

Arizona Cardinals Jerseys - Are You a Fan?

Arizona Cardinals were founded in Chicago in 1898, as Morgan Athletic Club, making them the oldest professional football team in America. They became members of NFL in 1920, and along the Chicago Bears, they are the only two original franchises still alive today. In 1960 they moved to St. Louis, where they stayed until 1988, when they moved to their current home in Tempe, Arizona. Cardinals have won two championships, in 1825 and 1947, although the 1925 title is still disputed. They play their games at University of Phoenix Stadium in the northwestern suburb of Phoenix, Glendale. They changed their name to Arizona Cardinals in 1994. Below, we are going to look into Arizona Cardinals jerseys, so if you are a fan of this team, you may want to pay attention to this article.

Arizona Cardinals colors are red, white and black. They first used the red jerseys in 1901, when Chris O’Brien bought them. Various red and white combinations are mostly used since then. The jersey can be white or red, pants either white with red stripes on the sides or red with white stripes, with white helmets. Alternate design has numbers on side of the shoulders, opposite to the top of the shoulders as usual. In 1998, after their move to Tempe, they added Arizona flag to the jersey sleeves.

Arizona Cardinals Jerseys - Are You a Fan?

2006 marks first major change in uniform appearance in century. Cardinals try to end their losing streak of 6 games by wearing red pants for the first time against the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and they lost the game 31-14. Then they tried all red combination against Dallas and lost again, 27-10. For the remainder of the season, Cardinals never wore red pants again, and won 4 out of the last seven games.

Despite disappointing results, they decided to give red pants another chance next season and wore them again on several games in 2007. On three home games they tried all red combination again. Apparently, they weren’t pleased with the results, as they didn’t wear red paints once in 2008 season.

As many teams that play their home games in warmer climate, Cardinals always wore white jerseys when playing home. This left guest to suffer in darker jerseys, as Arizona sun shone mercilessly upon them.

This tradition came to end in 2006, with Cardinals moving to University of Phoenix Stadium, due to the fact … READ MORE ...

Sidney Rice Jerseys - The New Favorite For Minnesota Vikings Fans

Sidney Rice jerseys have been some of the bestselling authentic NFL jerseys across the league these days. That’s because the freakishly talented wide receiver had a breakout 2009 NFL season, and has continued to shine in the NFL playoffs.

How does three touchdowns in one game against the Dallas Cowboys sound to you Minnesota Vikings fans? That’s the kind of production that Sidney Rice provides, and that’s the kind of huge threat that he is to opposing defenses. At any time in the game, Sidney Rice can make the big play that breaks it open for the Vikings.

Sidney Rice Jerseys - The New Favorite For Minnesota Vikings Fans

Before this season, Sidney Rice jerseys were not particularly popular however. That’s because while the player always had great potential, he had not yet lived up to it. That doesn’t mean it was entirely his fault however. He was dealing with some injuries and setbacks that forced him to miss a lot of time.

However, he used that time productively to study the plays and learn the offense. Then fans wearing Minnesota Vikings merchandise all rejoiced when Brett Favre finally made it official that he was joining the team. It was a lot of back and forth drama, but at the end of the day the Vikings got Favre and Rice got a new quarterback.

Favre proved throughout the season that he was still one of the premier quarterbacks in the league. As he was doing so, Sidney Rice jerseys began to get popular as the wide receiver emerged as his favorite target. He has great size and great speed, and now he combines those attributes with a great knowledge of the game and a great connection with Favre.

He can go up and grab a ball seemingly from anywhere, and he can make plays all across the field. He has great hands and he always gets open, and Brett Favre knows just where to find him. He’s a big reason why fans are still wearing their Minnesota Vikings merchandise deep into January.

So if you’re a fan of the Vikings and you’re looking for a few more authentic NFL jerseys for yourself and the family, then consider one of the biggest play makers in the NFL right now, Sidney Rice.

He has established himself as one of the best wide receivers in football, and the scary thing is that he’s only going to get better. That’s why you can be sure … READ MORE ...

NFL Jerseys Wholesale Prices When Buying in Bulk

Getting NFL jerseys cheap is relatively easy when you get them directly from the supplier, as each intermediary adds on their own profit margin. Another key to being sure that you are able to offer the best price to your customers is to buy NFL jersey wholesale. Bulk buying guarantees you the best price and when you are able to offer the best possible selling price you can attract and retain more customers.

When buying in bulk it is possible to pay as little as $20 per NFL jersey while the normal retail price can be as much as $50 for one NFL jersey. So it goes to show that a decent cash flow is vital when buying and selling NLF jerseys.

NFL Jerseys Wholesale Prices When Buying in Bulk

There are a few points to consider in the sale and resale of branded jerseys:

  • Supplier
  • Shipping reliability and time frame
  • Quality
  • Authenticity

Finding a supplier

There are a number of jerseys wholesale suppliers out there who offer lower rates for bulk buyers. These rates differ from supplier to supplier. Some jerseys wholesale suppliers are prepared to give a good price for a smaller package while others insist on an order of at least 500 jerseys at a time. A smaller order reduces shipping costs as costs are determined by how many cubic feet your shipment takes up. Fewer numbers of jerseys also mean less cash up front.


There is also a discrepancy between suppliers on how long it takes them to send your shipment. This is also dependent on the money being received for the goods as few will send an order without cash in hand. Some suppliers will send it for shipping on the same day while others wait as long as 3 days before sending your order. There are 2 sides to this coin as though you may be waiting for 3 days, this particular supplier is waiting for a full load and may be getting a better deal on shipping costs. On the flip side while your cash is tied up in the jerseys, you cannot get your money back.


This is difficult to determine when ordering online. Many online stores have live help consultants who will be able to assist you in getting a sample. As quality is subjective, use the sample to make your own decision. If you are unable to get a sample, you may be referred to a … READ MORE ...