Basic Tips For Buying Gloves This Year

Basic Tips For Buying Gloves This Year

Unless you live somewhere with exceptionally mild winters, you know how cold weather works. When it’s chilly, the fingers are the first part of your body that go numb. From that basic fact, the importance of having a good pair of gloves, like fine quality Chester Jeffries, to rely on is obvious. Yet many people overlook buying gloves or scrimp by subjecting themselves to shoddy ones.

While gloves rarely earn the top slot on your shopping list, there’s much to be said in favour of investing in a quality pair that will last through many winters to come. This is particularly important in you live in a city with long, hard winters – a description that fits our Berlin-based team to a T. If you’re fortunate enough to have a more forgiving climate, you may only need a good set of gloves for a few weeks every year. You’ll still be happy you have a quality pair though!

Whether your winter glove needs bend toward the arctic or the modest, to get good value for your money and long-lasting gloves keep these three basic points in mind:

1) You Should Know Your Glove Size

Yes, glove sizing is a bit more complicated than picking out small, medium or large. Your glove size is another measurement to remember, which is a hassle, but the benefits of properly-fitted gloves make it worth figuring out. This is another number to track like your hat size or your belt size (which, remember, is different from your trouser size!).

Dents, one of those wonderful old-school firms, has been in the leather glove business since 1777. And today they have just the tool you need: Their website includes a perfect glove sizing guide. Men’s ordinary glove sizes range from 7 to 11 ½, while women’s go from 6 to 8 ½. Gloves are like shoes; there are a few differences by gender. Dents’ guide will take all the guesswork out of the process for you.

The goal is to get a pair of gloves that are snug without being binding. Extra room at the tips of your fingers should be minimal. When you have your gloves on, there should be enough flex to allow you to clench your fists easily. A properly-fitted leather glove is not that different from a leather jacket: not uncomfortably tight. Do remember, though, that leather gloves will stretch out a little as you break them in.

2) Match Your Gloves to Your Style

Just like any other reliable fixture in your wardrobe, your gloves should harmonise with your other clothes. Give thought to style before investing in high-quality gloves! If your winter wear tends towards casual pieces like sweatpants and hoodies, look for something sporty. If you favour more formally-tailored garments, get a dressy pair of gloves.

With the modern rise of phones and tablets, it’s worth considering getting touchscreen-friendly gloves. These are becoming easier and easier to find at every price point, although the toff-iest of toffy gloves may not have phone-friendliness as an option. But even with the most honoured heritage brands, touchscreen technology is making inroads.

Smokers may want to consider fingerless gloves, as lighting a cigarette is difficult or impossible even with a well-fitted pair. There are even convertible gloves that deliver a compromise between the two styles, though their looks tend toward the less-stylish.

3) Give Yourself a Budget

Cheap gloves are easy to find, of course. For a low-price bargain, we favour Uniqlo’s gloves made with the company’s proprietary Heattech fabric. Uniqlo gloves are almost all touchscreen-compatible. We wouldn’t vouch for these gloves’ durability for more than two winters, though.

Another smart bet for quality gloves at cheap prices is visiting your nearest army surplus or military kit shop. This is your go-to choice for finding fingerless gloves, too. For durability, check out heavy-duty leather offerings from brands like Filson. They even continue to look great as they pick up wear and get ragged.

If you have more money to spend, check out the more posh brands, including Orley, Thom Browne, and WANT. High-end gloves usually feature the finest materials and styling and often provide indulgent details like cashmere linings.

Your willingness to spend is the ultimate factor that sets your glove budget. We recommend spending more to secure a set of reliable, long-lasting gloves. Just remember to keep track of them; you don’t want to abandon this quality investment the next time you take a taxi!