The Best Collectibles for NFL Aficionados

As everyone knows that football sport is popular in America and NFL football sport can be also called the “American Sport”. These football aficionados are very passionate about their game. Love for the sport encourages people to join fan clubs, watch every match and collect memorabilia. In fact, these ardent fans never miss a chance in advertising their collections, which are of immense value to their owners. As a great part of team gear, NFL jerseys are definitely one of the best collectibles.

Actually, NFL jerseys are really indispensable in fans’ collection. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of jerseys valuable in collection, such as those game used jerseys and replica jerseys of star players. These two are really the big parts of NFL collection. Besides, there are also autographed jerseys or some throwback jerseys popular among those collectors. To be honest, these collections often show their owners’ knowledge and insight about NFL football.

The Best Collectibles for NFL Aficionados

The gamed used jerseys are on behalf a history, a game that is really unique. Those gamed used jerseys of your favorite team or players in particular are really attracting. Refer to the replica jerseys of star players, they are sufficient in supply and much more accessible in comparison to others. And the autographed NFL jerseys and throwback jerseys are usually best for collection because of their rarity.

Usually these collectibles like NFL jerseys need to be handled with care, so that they can last for generations. In addition, there are also many other collectibles like signed footballs and come collectibles items donated or purchased from legendary players. A number of people opt for football display cases that come engraved NFL team logos. Collectors engrave customer nameplates with their logos of their choice. Nearly all the NFL fanatics are related all their things with NFL team logos or colors.

Whatever, NFL jerseys as a big part of collectibles is always popular. There are also many NFL football display cases that provide great opportunities to make exchange.… READ MORE ...

Why Are There Pink NFL Jerseys?

In the month of October the color pink reigned in the National Football League. Cheerleaders were wearing pink outfits at every game and NFL fans sported the pink jerseys during the games. Women all around the country bought pink football jerseys in bunches. But why? Was it a fashion statement? Granted these pink football jerseys are cut for a women to wear. So, possibly for some women it was. Pink is a very popular color with many women. However, that is not the main reason you saw so much pink when tuning into NFL football games.

The main reason the National Football League was sporting so much pink in the month of October was because of breast cancer awareness month. Proceeds from each pink jersey sale went to fight breast cancer and also, the jerseys themselves serve as a tool to make women aware when they see other women wearing them. Breast cancer has been one of the leading killers of women for decades, so having the proper awareness is extremely important. It is also important for women to learn how to detect cancer early. 1 of 8 American women will get breast cancer some time in their lifetime. One of every 35 women will die of breast cancer and about 40000 women a year in the United States die of it. The bottom line is breast cancer is extremely dangerous if not detected early and treated.

Why Are There Pink NFL Jerseys?

So now, when you see pink NFL jerseys being worn on Sunday afternoons, you will know that it is for more than just a fashion statement. On the other hand, nobody says you can’t wear pink jerseys because you like the color either.… READ MORE ...

Green Bay Packers Jerseys For All the Fans

Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and are the third oldest team in the NFL. Packers won 12 championship titles, more than any other franchise in NFL and have 27 members in Pro Hall of Fame. Their fiercest rivals are Chicago Bears, with whom they have played over 170 games. Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau Field and have some of the most loyal fans in NFL, the popular “cheeseheads”. Every home game has been sold out since 1960. There are more people on waiting list for season tickets than there are seats on Lambeau Field. If you are a fan, then we are sure you are interested in learning about Green Bay Packers jerseys.

When Lambeau founded the team, he went to his employer Indiana Packers Company and asked them to buy jerseys for the new club. The company agreed and gave him 500 dollars, but requested that the team is named after the sponsors. The Packers, as they were now called were so successful in their first two seasons that the company decided to help Lambeau in securing a franchise of newly formed national pro football league. The original uniforms were navy blue and gold, which Lambeau borrowed from University of Notre Dam, which he attended.

Green Bay Packers Jerseys For All the Fans

Occasionally, Packers used green and gold combination. But by 1950, Hunter green and taxi cab yellow were established as official club colors. There are two jerseys, green with white numbers and white with green numbers. The pants are always gold yellow.

Even though it is customary for home teams to play in white jerseys during first half of the season, Packers only played in them in two games in 1989 season. They prefer to play in front of their fans in green and gold. Although you can buy the gold jersey with green letters, there were never plans for the team to use this jersey design.

Packers have worn throwback jersey on two occasions only, in 2001 and 2006 Thanksgiving Day, both times against Detroit Lions. The 2001 jersey was similar to the ones they had in 1930, navy blue and in 2006 they wore jersey from 1960, which is only slightly different from their regular jersey they wear today.

For 2010 season, Mark Murphy, the Packers President and CEO, announced that they will have a “historical” throwback jersey for some games. It is speculated that the … READ MORE ...

NFL Sports Jerseys

NFL sports jerseys are a great way for any fan to show their support for their favorite team. As you look at the different NFL jerseys available, you might wonder what some of your options are as you also begin the search for the one that is right for you.

Typically, you will find that NFL sports jerseys are designed as replicas of the official game jersey your favorite players wear. They are made of a higher quality nylon that allows the skin underneath them to breathe easily. Best of all, the higher quality versions will last a long time thanks to the heavier material.

NFL Sports Jerseys

Over the years, these jerseys have become very popular thanks to the strong followings the teams have. Most stay at home fans like to sport the jersey of their favorite player, while they cheer at the game on the big screen. Those that do make it to the big game, they enjoy having their NFL jerseys on to show the team they are supporting and they tend to look brilliant in a crowd of hundreds wearing the very same jersey.

When you are looking at the different NFL sports jerseys, you will notice that they have a different style depending on gender. The ones designed for men are typically close cut to the neck and bulk out in the shoulder areas. Women will find a more relaxed neck line that offers them more comfort. Their options are normally bigger in the chest area and tighter in the shoulders and sides. There are even some risque jersey options for the more adventurous women to wear.

Age will also play an important factor in the designs as well. For instance, baby jerseys tend to be made from a softer, more hypoallergenic material that they can wear during the big game. This is designed to go over their normal outfit and can be removed fairly easily.

As children get older, the styles begin to become a bit more complex. You have the standard NFL jerseys, but in addition to those, you also have more shirt-based options. These are typically cotton shirts that look similar and are often a fraction of the actual cost of a main jersey.

Adults will have several options as well. There will be replica jerseys, which are an actual replica of the jersey that is used on the field, an official license jersey, which … READ MORE ...

The Best NFL Teams to Watch This Year

Every football fan has their favourite team and players. Based on some research among fans and those in the NFL industry here are the top ten teams to watch for to win the 2010/2011 Superbowl.

Baltimore Ravens. As a powerful defensive team the Ravens have given high-powered offenses all they can handle. Now that quarterback Ray Flacco has Anqoin Boldin as a receiver is should be interesting to watch. Powerful running back Ray Rice is consistent and looks to be among the top ten running backs this season.

The Best NFL Teams to Watch This Year

Houston Texans. The Texans had a strong season with many close losses to strong opponents. Many fans expect them to improve in the upcoming season and make a strong run in playoffs. Both Quarterback Matt Schaub and receiver Andre Johnson had a great season in 2009 and should make a highlight reel pair again this year.

New England Patriots. With Bill Belichick at the helm the Patriots have been one of the NFL standards of excellence. The Patriots have an excellent quarterback in Tom Brady, star running back power with the likes of Laurence Maroney and receiver stars such as Randy Moss. Look for the Patriots to continue their strong play this year.

Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Tony Romo is as solid as any in the league and will look to continue his passing success to Miles Austin. The Cowboys offense is balanced with their star defensive players such as DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Dixon holding opponents in check. The Cowboys have a well-rounded team and eccentric owner Jerry Jones will be sure to encourage the team’s success deeper into the playoffs this year.

San Diego Chargers. The Chargers often frustrate their fans with slow starts, but are rewarded with gutsy performances when it matters most. Quarterback Philip Rivers had an outstanding year in 2009/2010 and looks to maintain his status in the league. With the exit of LaDanian Tomlinson the door is open for strong players such as running back Darren Sproles to shoulder some of the offensive talent.

Washington Redskins. The acquisition of quarterback Donovan McNabb and head coach Mike Shanahan mark a new era for the Redskins. With excellent running backs such as Clinton Portis, Larry Parker and Willie Parker the Redskins running game should be great to watch.

New York Jets. The combination of flamboyant coach Matt Ryan and quality quarterback Mark Sanchez equal huge expectations for Jets fans. … READ MORE ...