Choose Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys to Show Your Support

The Cincinnati Bengals belong to the AFC north division of the NFL. They were originally members of the American football league and became part of the national football league in 1970 when the merger between the AFL and NFL occurred. If you are after the latest Cincinnati Bengals jerseys then you have come to the right place. This article has been put together to give you a greater knowledge on the history of their kit.

In the Bengals first season the uniform worn was very similar in design to that used by the players of the Cleveland Browns. The team’s colors were white, orange, and black, with a helmet that had no stripe but did have the teams name emblazoned across both sides. The Cincinnati Bengals played without numbers on their jersey sleeves up until the beginning of the eighties.

Choose Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys to Show Your Support

It was only in the 1981 season that a new kit was introduced. This featured black or white jerseys, trimmed with black and orange tiger stripes. There were also a new design of helmet brought out which was orange with black animal stripes. This uniform was used for sixteen years up until 1997.

It was in 1997 that a new logo incorporating a tiger leaping was introduced and added to the sleeves of their jerseys. In the year 2000 the striped tiger pattern was updated and more accents were added to the design. The black jersey now featured orange sleeves, while the white jerseys had black sleeves and orange shoulders. The leaping tiger logo was replaced at this time with a bold orange “B”. Around the same period they also introduced an orange jersey and black pants in to some of their games.

As Cincinnati is not known as being a hot city, the home games usually feature the black jerseys whereas away games use the white design. The only slight difference is the early pre-season home games during which the summer heat has not fully died down; at this time the white jerseys may also be worn.

Cincinnati Bengals are well known for being one of the few teams in the NFL that do not use a general manager. The current high standard of play and teamwork has helped the present team to increase their fan base massively. It does not matter how long you have been a supporter for, choosing the latest Bengals jerseys is a prerequisite for … READ MORE ...

Arizona Cardinals Jerseys - Are You a Fan?

Arizona Cardinals were founded in Chicago in 1898, as Morgan Athletic Club, making them the oldest professional football team in America. They became members of NFL in 1920, and along the Chicago Bears, they are the only two original franchises still alive today. In 1960 they moved to St. Louis, where they stayed until 1988, when they moved to their current home in Tempe, Arizona. Cardinals have won two championships, in 1825 and 1947, although the 1925 title is still disputed. They play their games at University of Phoenix Stadium in the northwestern suburb of Phoenix, Glendale. They changed their name to Arizona Cardinals in 1994. Below, we are going to look into Arizona Cardinals jerseys, so if you are a fan of this team, you may want to pay attention to this article.

Arizona Cardinals colors are red, white and black. They first used the red jerseys in 1901, when Chris O’Brien bought them. Various red and white combinations are mostly used since then. The jersey can be white or red, pants either white with red stripes on the sides or red with white stripes, with white helmets. Alternate design has numbers on side of the shoulders, opposite to the top of the shoulders as usual. In 1998, after their move to Tempe, they added Arizona flag to the jersey sleeves.

Arizona Cardinals Jerseys - Are You a Fan?

2006 marks first major change in uniform appearance in century. Cardinals try to end their losing streak of 6 games by wearing red pants for the first time against the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and they lost the game 31-14. Then they tried all red combination against Dallas and lost again, 27-10. For the remainder of the season, Cardinals never wore red pants again, and won 4 out of the last seven games.

Despite disappointing results, they decided to give red pants another chance next season and wore them again on several games in 2007. On three home games they tried all red combination again. Apparently, they weren’t pleased with the results, as they didn’t wear red paints once in 2008 season.

As many teams that play their home games in warmer climate, Cardinals always wore white jerseys when playing home. This left guest to suffer in darker jerseys, as Arizona sun shone mercilessly upon them.

This tradition came to end in 2006, with Cardinals moving to University of Phoenix Stadium, due to the fact … READ MORE ...

Good News for NFL Fans - Preserve Your Love and Cheer

NFL is definitely one of the most popular sports in the United States. NFL fans have settled time to preserve and cheer, that is NFL month or year. Belt buckle, golf ball cover, or maybe pullover shirt are the most beneficial ways to exhibit support to their favorite crew.

No subject who often team some people like as well as support, for your die-hard lover it’s professional and happy to wear his or her wholesale NFL jerseys. Most football fans have relentless dedication on the royalty of their most preferred teams. You can see there is a big increase with the NFL activity collectables. It seems that this new merchandise receives more colors and more gadgets. All do is to satisfy their thirst inside enthusiast who are keen in collecting.

Good News for NFL Fans - Preserve Your Love and Cheer

There are some methods for die-hard followers to reveal their support and plan to their beloved teams. They can decorate their own bedrooms, using reliable Denver Broncos jerseys, painting your location in his or her favorite team’s shades, or sometimes by the cool deeply freeze mug. The brutal competitiveness on the football arena boils in the fans that definitely have that aspire to get everything his/her crew provides, from homemade cards, mini helmets or maybe ice coolers.

Many items could possibly be regarded when football trophies, you can certainly bet numerous football devotees are driven with the urge to exhibit all his friends in which his team is the best team. As they travels wonderful distances to think about his workforce play activities and gowns up Reebok NFL jerseys. He furthermore will oftentimes be observing his preferred team play continuously they will be on TV and you may be sure that this top sports fan is definitely the one you hear hollering along at the TV.

NFL Physical activities Collectibles will present a monetary impact which has a city by using all pieces revenue physical activities fan, lotto seat tickets, buying meals and gentle beer gross sales. For a few crazy football fans they could do everything to show their service and royalty for their favorite groups. Whether have on tennis shoes made by your workforce or driving to the park that can be played ball using your team logo for the clothes. So if you’ll be a sports fan to get together football memorabilia by coronary heart and heart, you needs this NFL merchandise on the market such as … READ MORE ...

Why NFL Jerseys Are A Great Buy

NFL jerseys have always been a popular item and this remains so today. They are a simple way to show off your allegiance and support for a particular team. We are all intrinsically tribal in nature, by wearing your teams colors proudly you can show the world who you follow.

An NFL jersey is a great gift for a person of any age, be they a child or an adult. The options available are extremely stylish and up to date. We should not think that NFL jerseys are unfashionable, in fact they are a choice that regularly adorns the backs of some of the country’s top entertainers.

Why NFL Jerseys Are A Great Buy

Another great aspect about sports jerseys is that they are incredibly durable and hard wearing. Unlike other modern apparel they do not fade or become threadbare after just a few months of wear. They are a product that you can proudly own for many years without any deterioration in its quality. The only time you may want to throw it away is if the team you follow opts for a new kit design.

Most teams will have a number of jerseys that they use depending upon whether they’re playing home or away matches and also the time of the year. This is great for us fans because it means we can choose a style that best matches our own personal tastes. There are also special commemorative jerseys that get released every so often, for example when a team wins the championship or celebrates a number of decades in the game.

Today you can check out a selection of NFL jerseys online from the comfort and convenience of your own home. There is no longer any need to actually go and visit a number of stores in person. You may also find that when shopping online the costs are below what you would pay from a specialist sporting goods store.… READ MORE ...

How to Be Your Own Football Player

Now the NFL football sport is an all-American sport. NFL jerseys, as an important part of team gear, are popular to buy, wear for team spirit, collect, and cherish by those football fanatics. However, not everyone is given the chance to compete professionally. Thus, not everyone can wear licensed NFL jerseys unless you buy one.

Today, it is common sense that the true fans would wear a jersey bearing the logo and name of the wearer’ s favorite team or player. In fact, the popularity of one jersey depends on the fame of the player. In addition, the jerseys in style, funky or hip can also be loved by people.  To get your won NFL jerseys, you can buy them in local or online shop, or just customize one.

How to Be Your Own Football Player

Certainly, it is much easier to buy your jersey directly. You can find a huge selection online. Most jerseys in online ships have already classified according to the team. Just click the link of your favorite team, there you can choose what you want from the catalogue of different jersey designs.

Another option is to look around from the popular apparel brands such as Nike and Reebok. Just check out whether there are some pieces capturing your fancy. Before you buy or just want o give up searching, you’ d better place a call or look into all places first. Probably what you want is in the process of designing in a certain shop. It could be worth the wait.

If you have no such patience, you can also proceed to customization. By this way, you can get your favorite player’ s name or your own name sewn at the back of the jersey. Also you can change the number on the jersey, probably your lucky number instead. Of course you can get your favorite player’ s number on it for inspiration. As there you can find the jerseys designed in different sizes. You can also customize the sizes for jersey shirts including small, medium, large and extra large. However, the measurement should be based on the garment but not body size.… READ MORE ...